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To put it plainly, Verjuice or Verjus is a mildly acidic, non alcoholic grape juice. 


It is made from picking grapes during veraison (before they just turn ripe), which gives our product that delicious sharp kick. 

All grown and pressed on our farm here in Sussex, England our Verjuice is the first of its kind in the UK. With the grapes originally destined for english sparkling wine meaning this Verjuice has the very best quality ingredients. 


Verjuice is primarily used as an ingredient which can be split into two categories; Food and cocktails. 

Pairing gloriously with fish and chicken, It is also the perfect addition to any marinades, sauces, dressings, gravies and as a mild natural flavouring when vinegar or lemon may be too overpowering. 

As an inclusion in cocktails it is the ideal non alcoholic substitute for white wine spritzers or even just as a sharp, fruity addition to any drink.

If your'e a fan of the bitter and sour it is even good chilled on ice as an aperitif! Perfect for those hot summer days.

Take a look at our recipe page. There are plenty of unique and exciting ways to use Verjuice in both food and drink. 

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