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Smokey Chorizo Chicken & Pea Mash

x2 150g Chicken Legs

300g cherry tomatoes

4 sprigs of fresh basil

8 black olives

30g of chorizo

Inspired by Jamie Oliver's 5 ingredients Cook Book, but with the added twist of cooking with Verjuice.

Gently fry the chicken in olive oil on the skin side until crispy and golden. Then add 200ml of delicious Verjuice, simmering gently to allow the chicken to cook.

Meanwhile chop cherry tomatoes in half and the chorizo into slices. Add tomatoes and basil leaves in the frying pan with the chicken and cook until tomatoes are soft.

While cooking place saucepan of water on the boil and add peas. Boil until soft. Once cooked drain and place back in to saucepan. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and 50g of butter. Mash peas, leaving some still in tact so they don't go mushy.

Finally add chorizo and olives to frying pan and any seasoning you think necessary, (paprika or chilli flakes is a good accompaniment for an extra kick). Let simmer and merge flavours for a few minuets before plating up with the mashed peas.

- This dish also works well using salmon fillets instead of chicken.

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